I hope I can use that line one day


It’s that time again….

"I think my personal story has always been about perseverance and always getting up when you fall, so maybe I’m not olympic champion, but if nothing else I can teach to world that you can get up"

Anonymous asked: I kinda noticed that Meryl posed with Jenna (her forehead to cheek/side of chin) the same way she did with Maks and it's so cute

I just wanna be best friends with Meryl. Is that to much to ask for??

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New Spin Abbreviations & Scale of Values (ISU Communication 1884)


If you’ve been watching competitions lately, you may have noticed that combination spin abbreviations on protocols have changed. So for the confused and/or curious, here is a brief explanation of what the new abbreviations mean. Information taken from the new 2014-2015 Technical Panel Handbook for Singles Skating and 2014-2015 Updated Scales of Values and Level Guidelines (Comm. 1884).

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Jeremy Abbott skated on ice
He had falls that weren’t very nice
All the coaches and all the fans
Couldn’t put his psyche back together again. 

The ISO Brings You Nursery Rhymes
(inspiration: Humpty Dumpty)


Rin Nitaya || Por Una Cabeza

JGP Courchevel SP

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