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Thank you.


To the anons willing to share information.

We take it into account and do not publish unless you say we can. I hope that you understand that we respect you and your wishes deeply.

Today has been a good day on that front.

In fact…today has been a good day in all aspect aside from the party meltdown.

All in due time will we be content :) 

Sail on my friends. 

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Anonymous - I have been so excited ever since the MI "event" was announced. None of the rumors even matter.

emmajoy6992 -

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Moment of silence for the fact that tomorrow is Sway, and I’m this close and not going

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Maksyl AD


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I love you, fam.

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Anonymous - A short Maksyl smut by me Maks: I have a lot to give Meryl: I want all of it. *later that evening* Maks: oh wow Meryl: oh WOW *next day* Meryl: I can't walk THE END

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Elena Ilinykh // she just wants to be like a princess. (Basically, a mini Tessa Virtue)
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Like the most natural thing in the world. Their hands.

They are waiting to do the Boris and Oleg segment, watching the dancers get ready.

The way her fingers close around his, I could watch that all day. 

Forever REBLOG

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"I know you’re busy but I absolutely melt at pics of Maks with kids. I was hoping you could do a fic where Maks and Meryl visit a children’s hospital or dance studio or something and Meryl notices how good he is with kids? Love your fics! :)" — Anon

You guys crack me up about this me being busy stuff. Okay so I ran with this prompt & I hope you like it. I appreciate everyone’s support and love the prompts I get! You are the best. Love you! Always! -J

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Dammit Jes, I don’t even know how to react to this

btw i rread your tags

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